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Spectrum Transgender
Group of Western NY
P.O. Box 596
Buffalo, NY 14207

Poetry by Amber Dobiesz

My Soul's on Fire

Burning, aching feelings overwhelm
Can't sit still, can't remain in flux
My spirit's been caged in this emotional prison
For oh so long
God, my soul's on fire
Been chained to lies for so long
Been forced to exist in a life long torturous lie
Feeling like my being is ready to explode
God, my soul's on fire
Going through the motions, trying to survive
Missing out on the truth, all because of the lies
Playing a role for oh so long
It had to end, but where's that spark?
God, my soul's on fire
The gun, so cold, so unforgiving
Loaded to its limit, ready to explode
Pull the trigger, waiting for the end, hearing the click
Oh what a tease, the silence makes me sick
God, my soul's on fire
Like cold water thrown at my face
Reality slaps me awake, opens my eyes
The truth finally embraced, no longer needing to deny
Now I know why
My soul's on fire
What I always sought was me! Always was within
At last finding peace, ending the pain
Embracing my true self, so much to gain
Now the burning explosions are welcomed
It's due to the joys of life
Finally, it all makes sense
This fire
God, my soul's on fire


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