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Spectrum Transgender
Group of Western NY
P.O. Box 596
Buffalo, NY 14207

Poetry by Amber Dobiesz

Who Will Rescue Me

Most of my life has been so confusing
Knowing the real person
But not being the person most would see
I'd always ask myself the question
"Who will rescue me?"
Being one person, but acting as another
Was so overwhelming, I felt like I was about to smother
I always asked this question
"Who will rescue me?"
Burying the truth under a pile of emotions
But crying to be free
I'd always ask this question
"Who will rescue me?"
Fighting my demons
Has taken such a toll
It's ripped me apart, scared me to my very soul
I'd scream and cry in terror
"Who will rescue me?"
As I've gotten older, my true self has been released
All the pain and anguish has finally ceased
I now know the answer to that question
Which has dogged me for all those years
"Who will rescue me?"
The answer is so evident
It's always been only one person
And that person?
Is — me!


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